Support to suit you

Staff on site 24 hours
Connecting you to services
Friendly & welcoming

A safe place

Support to suit you

Connect with housing services

We can support you to investigate your housing options. From time to time, we have transitional properties available that are suitable for families.

Help with budgeting

We can help with basic budgeting or refer you to a financial counselling service.

Assist with transport

We can provide transport to important appointments.

Access medical care and counselling

We can link you and your children with health professionals and counsellors.

Connect and support you with legal services

If you require legal advice, we can connect with appropriate services and support you through this process.

Enjoy some fun activities

We hold regular activities and information sessions on a variety of topics.

Can I stay at Jireh House?

Please call us to find out about the availability of accommodation at Jireh House.

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In an emergency please call 000